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Day by Day every type of technology is increasing and updating. And every parent wants that their kids and children will learn about every technology and involve in this technology world.

So, most parents are giving or already giving a smartphone or tablet, to their children for learning purposes or entertainment purposes as well.

But the important point is that parents want them will learn through this technology. They will learn new things about technology and also about their studies through phones and tablets.

So, for this thing of course you have to take care that your kids are learning with their smartphone device or only playing games and taking smartphones as only entertainment purposes.

For this thing, you can install some applications that will teach your kid lesson in enjoyment. So there are many applications, that you can install on your kid’s smartphone, so they will learn new things while playing.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is one of the most popular online book applications. Just because it has many categories of books. It has books for adults and children as well.

You can set the category to children if you want books only for children. There are many comics that every kid and child will see full of joy. As well as there are many informative stories for children.

And the best thing is, you can also play those all stories in audio form. So that your children will understand it easily. It is free to use this Google PlayBook application. But some books are premium that you have to purchase if you want to read or play.


Kids Doodle

It is another famous application for children. This app is very much interesting and many kids and children love this application very much.

It is an app in which your kid can do the painting. It has many amazing colors and which are highly colorful and are of neon effect, and the background is black. That’s why it is a very eye-catching and wonderful application.

And after making any drawing your kid can also save that drawing in the phone’s gallery.

This Kids Doodle application is absolutely free and easily available on Google Play Store.


Youtube Kids

It is one of the best android applications for kids and children. With this application, kids can learn many things with full enjoyment and fun. As you know Youtube has some adult content also. That’s why youtube launched its Youtube Kids, where there is no adult content.

In the Youtube Kids application, there are many channels, especially for kids like kids rhyming channels and Alphabets learning channels, and many other channels that are very helpful for Kids.

If your kid has a smartphone or tablet, then must download this Youtube Kids application for them. And subscribe to all those channels according to your kid’s stage.

Like if your kids are very small you can subscribe to a rhyming channel, or if your kid is in the 3rd or 4th class then you can subscribe to math class channels or any other according to your kid’s stage.


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