How to Access Computer or Laptop From Your Android Device using Android app

Many people wonder how to access a computer or laptop from their Android device. A common question usually comes when a user is upgrading an existing computer or laptop to the latest version of Windows or Mac OS.

Many users are used to connecting to their laptops or desktop through USB ports. But with the introduction of many devices using USB technology, many users find that they can now connect to their devices using their cell phones.

This has led to many questions about accessing a computer or laptop from an Android device.

One of the best ways to access your computer from your Android device is to use the USB Connection Viewer. This tool will show you all the USB devices attached to your system.

And for this, you have to use some android application that will help you access a computer or laptop from your android device. You can use a laptop with android by USB or by wirelessly also.

Let’s look at the best android applications with which you can access your PC with a phone.

How to Access Computer or Laptop From Your Android Device using Android app
How to Access Computer or Laptop From Your Android Device using Android app

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to take complete control of your computer from your mobile device.

It works just like a normal remote desktop software application. Still, instead of connecting to your desktop via a computer’s internet connection, it relates to your phone’s internet connection functions on all major operating systems. It allows you total control over your desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop offers several benefits to both businesses and individual users. It is an easy way to control the desktop from a different location.

If you are having trouble managing your desktop or your business needs to keep up with a particular project, this is a great solution.

One of the first things you will notice about using Chrome Remote Desktop is that it provides you with access to your desktop.

Your desktop will appear in the Chrome Remote Application, similar to how Windows Live Messenger appears in Microsoft Messenger. The benefit here is that your desktop will be easy to manage since you will not have to open and close the actual Chrome browser window.


Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop, better known as RemoteFX, is a desktop software solution designed for businesses that want to keep their employees within the same office and physically. This service was previously offered only to large companies and corporations but is now available to everyone.

By using remote desktop software, employees can access their computers remotely without ever leaving the company’s premises. The software is available for any operating system and can be installed by any user with administrative privileges.

Users need to have the latest Windows operating system installed on their desktops since most Microsoft products do not support older versions.

However, you can also use this application for your housework. Or if you need to control your PC with your android or IOS smartphone.


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