How To Backup And Restore Your Call History In Android.?

Everyone Having mobile on there hand in these days ,Because having mobile is the basic need in this modern world.You have phone because the reason was mostly for calling to others, while you are calling you have that record will saved on that mobile you are using. This will store until that storage full after that the phone can’t store the Call logs in your mobile this is the first problem, the second one is if you are going to change the mobile eventually you will lose all of your call records.

Do you want solution for this problem, yes I have one so that could help you on this segment.
If you are using android phone There is lot of android apps that could help you on this.

But you need To find which is the best Working app for your android phone, you don’t need to worry I have one app that could help you for sure.

What is the App name?

The app called As ‘E2PDF – Backup Restore Sms,Call,Contact’  

that you can find this app in the play store by searching on that name.

This app developed by Day Dreamer LLC.

this app have good amount of reviews and ratting in play store.

Features Of This App:

After seeing lot of apps that failed to do your works,but This app will not fail.

With the help of this app you can get XML or PDF Kind of back up for everything.

You can back up your specific contact log, call log, SMS backup and many more With one app so you don’t need to download any other app to do the things.

Once you backup you can store that on Google Drive email cloud storage or wherever you need.

You have a lot of important messages in your inbox,You need them badly in the future so you need to back up all the SMS that you want.

Not only SMS but the whole conversation is important for you in sometimes.

For this problem they have solution with the contacts all you need is click the back up button conversation that you need, done!that all your conversation is safe forever.

If you are changing the mobile then you need to install this app on that mobile, then you can restore everything you need from the old one.

Call Logs:

The same as The SMS, the call logs also backed up in easy way, once you’re done that you can easily track their dialled, Missed, received Calls whenever you need.

They give you call Statistics option that you can Easily Count the Calls In daily basis and also you can see their duration of the specific date that you need.

You can save the Google contact as well on this app for that you need to choose the gmail contacts in your contacts then you need to open the E2pdf App and do that normal procedure like before.

You can share the backup file Through the WhatsApp,Bluetooth,email are you can save to the Google Drive or iCloud.

To download click here.


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