Best Podcast Apps for Android

There are hundreds of podcasts available in a multitude of categories and multitudes of ways in which to listen to them using your smartphone. Android users now have many more options to listen to on their smartphones.

The right app for you will have the exact podcasts you are interested in, and the functionalities you require (such as the ability to adjust playback speeds and pause and rewind capabilities).

It can also help you stream audio files, such as streaming music, so you can listen while on the move. Some of the apps also offer you the ability to create multiple podcasts within one application or share your favorites among multiple devices.

These functions can be useful when you want to have several different options available to you at one time, or when you want to share some of your favorites with your friends and family.

A great choice of podcast apps for Android can be found online.


One of the best podcast applications available for android smartphones is Castbox.

The best thing about this Castbox android application is that it is fully free. And there are millions of podcasts available for you. And you can use all of them for absolutely free.

And not only this but there are also many languages supported in this application. It supports around 70+ languages.

Well, as I told you that this application is free, and also there is no advertisement in Castbox free version, However, there are some in-app purchases also. But it totally depends upon you whether you need that or not.


Google Podcasts

Now, the second best and most amazing podcast application that I recommend to you is Googe Podcasts. This podcast application is also fully free. Unlike some other applications, there are no hidden charges applied or any in-app purchases.

Also, the service podcasting in this application is very amazing. And just because this application is made by Google, so you can trust this Google Podcasts application.

There are millions of podcasts available in this application you can use for free. And also there are several language support. So no problem which is tongue language, there are many languages supported in this Google Podcast application.


Pocket Casts

Pocket casts is also an amazing podcast application. Just because this podcast app is paid, there are many premium things available in this Pocket Casts application.

But don’t worry. There is a free version also available of this application Pocket Casts. But in the free version, there are many limitations.

You can purchase its premium version and can access millions of podcasts with your android smartphone.


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