How To Backup And Restore Your Call History In Android.?

Everyone Having mobile on there hand in these days ,Because having mobile is the basic need in this modern world.You have phone because the reason was mostly for calling to others, while you are calling you have that record will saved on that mobile you are using. This will store until that storage full after … Read more

How to Remove Malware and Virus from Android Phone

How to Remove Malware and Virus from Android Phone

We all know Android users are huge compared to the other smartphone operating systems like IOS, Blackberry, Windows, and other operating systems. So, that’s why many applications developing companies and developers mostly focus on developing android applications. And that’s why Android has a massive collection of applications. There are many types of apps available on … Read more

Recover deleted images and videos in android-Bentechz Latest Version

Recover your images and files with the methods given below.! Mobile phones Essential for life in these days so everyone carries mobile phone their hand, most of the time they use mobile for calling and saving their images and videos. If you are using old mobile and you want to change to the new mobile,While … Read more