How to Remove Malware and Virus from Android Phone?

We all know Android users are huge compared to other smartphone operating systems like IOS, Blackberry, Windows, and others operating systems.

So, that’s why many applications developing companies and developers mostly focus on developing android applications. And that’s why Android has a massive collection of applications.

There are many types of apps available on the Internet for Android. So, just because of so much massive data and using the Internet on android phones, there is a very high possibility of Malware and viruses in your android phone.

Nowadays, everyone uses the Internet, and from the Internet, we download many types of files, applications, data, etc. So with those files, the possibility of Malware and viruses is very high.

And we all know that Malware and Viruses can harm our devices, and they may hang, get stuck, or many difficulties we have to face if junk is stored in our devices.

How to Remove Malware and Virus from Android Phone

So today, I’ll tell you some tips through which you can remove Malware and virus from an android phone without a third-party application. So read this article at last.

Uninstall Suspicious or Unwanted Application

Now, the first thing you have t do to remove Malware from your android device is to delete all the suspicious or Unwanted applications. Here questionable means that an application is automatically installed on your device.

While surfing the Internet, some website downloads and install some applications without our permission, so you have to delete all those applications and delete the unwanted application you didn’t use.

Perform Cleanup In Your Android Device

Well, most android smartphones have a feature through which you can quickly delete all the cache files, junk, and virus files from your android device.

But some android phones didn’t have the feature of cleanup or repairing devices. So if your phone doesn’t have this feature, you can download any third-party application to do so.

There are many applications available for disk cleanup in Google Play Store. You can download any of them and run a cleanup.

Suppose you have disk cleanup in your phone by default. So go to settings and find the option repair device or clean up. Different phone models have another name for cleanup functions. So find yours and perform the cleanup.

It will delete all the junk files on your android device.

Use Safe & Trusted Applications

Now, this is a critical point. Only use trusted and safe applications. Many people use fake or third-party browsers to surf the Internet.

Use web browsers like Chrome, Opera, and other trusted browsers that provide the best features, and also block spam and Malware to attack your phone.

And not only browsers but in other category applications also, only use trusted applications.

Factory Data Reset

After applying all the tips, if your phone is still lagging and you are having a problem with it, you can reset your phone.

This process will delete all the data that exists on your phone. So first, take a backup and then perform a reset. So that your phone data will be safe and you can recover it.

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